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Wedding Tent

Wedding Coordinator

Ensure that everything goes smoothly with our professional wedding coordinator

(additional fee applies)

  • Day of coordination

  • Vendor Coordination

    • Ensuring vendors arrive on time.

    • Designating spaces for vendors to use and set up.

    • Reviewing the schedule for the day.

    • Ensuring vendors are fed (if applicable).

    • Distributing tips before vendors depart.

    • Late night snack arrival

Tables and Decorations

  • Setting of head table and reception tables

  • Placement of signs (inside and outside)

  • Cake table and other special table requests

  • Lighting of any candles or other lights before reception begins.

  • Greeting table (sign on), cards and gift table set up.

  • Moving of cards and gifts s at proper time to a safe location.


  • Arranging chairs with aisles

  • Ensure that decorations are in place before guests arrive.

  • Removal of any extra props during the ceremony entrance (wagons, etc.).

  • Ensure guests are seated in time for the ceremony.

  • Ensure proper changes are made in the event of inclement weather.

Cocktail hour

  • Appetizer and food available.

  • Oversee movement of chairs and tables.

  • Any set up questions the day of will be addressed.


  • Ensure that vendors that arrive prior to wedding are set up.

  • Early choice of linens and table settings.

  • Early pick up of decorations

  • Early pick up of alcohol and bar set up

  • Check in with all vendors

Wedding Rehearsal

  • Ensure officiant arrives and is set up

  • Arrange chairs

  • Facilitates music

  • Ensures proper changes are made in the event of inclement weather

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